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EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration, HDR

Forsiden Skjerm & Display Eizo Eizo ColorEdge CG EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration, HDR
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)
EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration,  HDR (CG319X)

EIZO Eizo ColorEdge 31.1" CG319X Hood, Self Calibration, HDR

IG Varenr.: 98785
Ekspertomtaler: 6 omtaler
  • Skjermstørrelse 31.1"
  • Oppløsning 4096 x 2160
  • HD 4K DCI
  • USB-C 0
  • DVI 0
  • DP 2
  • HDMI 2
  • VGA 0
  • Berøringsskjerm Nei
  • Høyttalere Nei
  • 3D Nei
  • Skjermform Flat
  • Høydejustering Ja
  • Svivel Nei
  • Svingtapp Nei
  • Bruksområde Personal display
55 624,-
44 499,20 ekskl. mva
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Eizo ColorEdge CG319
The CG319X offers distinct advantages in the 4K video world and for photographers and graphic designers alike: Extremely sharp representation of images thanks to resolution of 149 ppi. Thanks to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, the CG319X is the ideal monitor for processing DCI 4K content and displaying it natively. Featuring a built-in calibration sensor and HDR presets for HLG and PQ gamma, this new monitor is the perfect choice for professional use in video postproduction, photography and other graphics applications.

DCI 4K resolution
The CG319X features DCI 4K 4096 x 2160 (4K), which corresponds to four times the pixel count of Full HD (1920 x 1080). This monitor is therefore the ideal tool for 2D and 3D CGI or visual effects, from compositing to colour grading.

Excellent image quality for sharp images
The monitor has the maximum resolution (4096 x 2160 (4K) Pixel), an excellent contrast ratio of 1500:1, and brightness of 350 cd/m2. This means that you can edit graphics and images to the smallest pixel, for example. And what's more: the text contours are clear and precise. The LCD module with IPS (Wide Gamut) panel provides 178 viewing angle, meaning that the user will see colours and contrasts as stable.

In terms of the HLG and PQ tone curves, the CG319X meets the relevant standards for the display and processing of content in HDR (High Dynamic Range). The optimised gamma curves enable the content to closely resemble natural, human colour perception. Production and post-production professionals can count on a reliable representation with HDR tone curves for editing and colour grading.

Wide gamut – vivid colours in line with industry standards
The wide-gamut monitor reliably reproduces 98% of the DCI P3 standard used in digital cinema and also supports the Rec. 2020 standard. The CG319X also covers 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut. When images recorded in RAW format are converted to AdobeRGB, the monitor reproduces these with absolute colour fidelity. The EIZO monitor also offers great advantages for printing: It covers almost the entire CMYK gamut (ISO coated and U.S. Web Coated, for example). You see the later print result on screen and save yourself the proof stage.

True Black: Colour depth for plastic images
Dark tones often appear faint or washed-out on LCD screens. True Black improves the contrast ratio and dark tones appear deeper – particularly when looking at the monitor from the side.

Precise colour rendering thanks to high-resolution 3D look-up table
The 3D LUT provides for the most precise tone value allocation possible and extremely exact colour tone rendering, which is shown amongst other things in the grey scale. Brightness levels in relation to the image signal vary from module to module in LCDs and the colour mixture (addition) of red, green, and blue also varies. This can be exactly determined and controlled only with the aid of specific measuring devices. EIZO therefore configures all of its monitors in the CG series and its colours and tone value curve in the factory. This results in a consistent colour temperature over the entire grey scale. The result: The colour reproduction is equal, precise, and reliable across each individual CG319X monitor.

The 3D look-up table also has the following benefits when working with films: Thanks to the ColourNavigation software included, you can emulate the colours of film material. This means you can see how the image will look when it is played. The 3D LUT also improves the additive mixture of colour in the monitor (mixture of red, green, and blue). This is a key factor for displaying neutral grey tones correctly.

Integrated sensor for self-calibration
An integrated calibration sensor ensures you achieve maximum colour accuracy. The sensor is perfectly aligned to the monitor, takes environmental influences such as light into account, and correlates the centre of the image with the edge of the image. This ensures an even result over the whole monitor.
The sensor is located in the bezel and is only extended when performing measurements. This means that no external calibration device is necessary, and the colour fidelity of the monitor is optimal at all times.
The Variable unbekannt is equipped with the latest sensor technology that enables recalibration during normal operation, allowing you to continue working with non-colour-critical applications while the monitor is calibrating. During calibration, the sensor only takes up a small area of the screen and does not present an obstacle. Calibration can also be performed fully automatically at definable times.

Professional hardware calibration
Good image processing is only possible on well-calibrated monitors. The usual software calibration takes a long time and requires the user to have a certain level of technical expertise. The CG319X is supplied with ColorNavigator hardware calibration software. With ColorNavigator, you can perform calibration quickly, easily, and with excellent colour precision: During calibration, the software directly accesses and saves to the look-up-table in the monitor hardware. You determine the relevant components such as white balance, gamma, brightness, and tone value curve according to your requirements. Calibration then runs automatically based on the default set during production and is therefore unique in terms of precision and speed. This also means that calibration can be performed by users in just a few steps, with no need for in-depth technical knowledge. Because the calibration takes place via the monitor hardware, it is performed without loss and independently of the computer and graphics board. The CG319X can also be smoothly integrated into an existing system.

Exact colour reproduction ex works
Brightness levels in relation to the image signal vary from module to module in LCDs and therefore the colour mixture of red, green, and blue also varies. This can be exactly determined and controlled only with the aid of specific measuring devices. Therefore, EIZO configures the CG319X and its colours and tone curves with a widespread network of grid points and in each primary colour. This results in a consistent colour temperature over the entire grey scale.

Constant tone value over the entire screen
Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) controls all tone values over the entire monitor, pixel by pixel. The effect: colour tones appear identical at each point on the screen, without the brightness fluctuations you experience in conventional LCDs. The DUE function also balances out the effects of fluctuations in ambient temperature on the colour temperature and brightness. You will enjoy consistently even luminance distribution and perfect colour purity. A real plus when touching-up images.

10 bit colour depth: a billion colours in the finest grades
Thanks to the 10 bit colour display based on a 24 bit LUT, you can utilize a huge colour spectrum. This is made possible by the rapid DisplayPort and HDMI connections in combination with the frame rate control. A billion colours at your fingertips simultaneously. That is 64 times more colours than with an 8 bit display. The colour gradations are finer and the colour differences between adjacent colours are smaller. The enhanced greyscale range is equally important for post-production. With the 10 bit greyscale range activated, between 6% and 14% more greyscales are visible.

Stable brightness, no colour deviation
The alpha and omega for exact image editing: constant brightness and colour temperature. Patented electronics balance out brightness fluctuations that may arise due to extended periods of use and increased environmental and operating temperature. Thanks to a built-in thermometre, colour deviations caused by fluctuations in room temperature are eliminated and automatically reduced. The colour rendering remains absolutely constant over a long period of use, right from the start: because the warm-up time until brightness, colour, and tone values have completely stabilized is just three minutes.

Flicker-free working
The monitor is flicker-free at every brightness setting. The benefit: Your eyes do not get tired as quickly. You can work on the screen for an extended period.

One monitor, many ports
It doesn’t get simpler than this: Most end devices, such as PCs, laptops or cameras, can be connected directly to the monitor, thanks to its wide range of interfaces. The CG319X supports a wide variety of video formats up to 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60 p via DisplayPort and 10-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60 Hz via HDMI. As a result, the CG319X can be integrated into PC-based workflows as well as used with HDMI feeds.

For film production: 3D LUT profiles
Film emulation with 3D LUT ColorNavigator and ColorNavigator NX can use 3D LUT files from the colour grading of films to generate data for emulation on the monitor. This film emulation is available for up to five colour modes of the monitor and is suited to simulating the colouring of films.

Safely in sight thanks to the safe area marker
Ideal for captions and critical images: Thanks to the safe area marker, you will know which area of the screen is displayed on another output device. You will therefore see immediately whether subtitles, text, or other important image elements are in the visible area. So that the marker can be clearly seen in all images, you can change the marker colour.

Aspect Marker
The Aspect Marker enables the display of DCI 4k image areas (4096 x 2160 pixels) or 2K video material (2048 x 1080 pixels) that are displayed in varying ways when reproduced on different devices with differing aspect ratios.

4K Zoom
Users can quickly and easily make selections directly in the monitor menu to zoom in on various areas of the monitor image so as to assess details and sharpness.

Luminance Warning
The Luminance Warning allows areas that exceed a certain brightness (300, 500, 1000, or 4000 cd/m2) when PQ mode is used to be highlighted. These areas can be highlighted in the user’s choice of yellow or magenta.

Gamut Warning
The Gamut Warning operates in two modes: Rec. 2020 image content that can’t be displayed in the Rec. 709 gamut is displayed in greyscale. Alternatively, clipping mode is simulated in Rec. 709 to show how Rec. 2020 material would look on HDTV devices.

Ideal for video and film production: HDMI
HDMI signals with refresh rates of 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24 Hz are supported, ensuring you can view and edit your film material in the same format in which it was recorded.  The monitor also features I/P conversion.

Gamut presets for film and video production
Presets for the gamuts DCI P3, Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 are precisely calibrated in the factory and ensure you work with the correct gamma values. Colour modes for PQ (DCI and Rec. 2100) and HLG (Rec. 2100) for the display of HDR content are also preset as factory defaults. Colour modes on the monitor can be easily changed at the touch of a key, and recalibrated when necessary using ColorNavigator.

Quick operation – even in dark rooms
Operation is easy and clear. The Button Guide, an overview function on the monitor, will show you the respective function keys above the control panel. The backlight keys mean that the monitor can even be used in dark environments. This is particularly helpful in dark post-production studios.

Ergonomic and stable: the adjustable base
The CG319X has a flexible base to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation. The monitor can be tailored to the user's needs. For example, he can set a sitting position that is ergonomic for him (e.g. lowered to the bottom) or a position to show clients and colleagues something on the screen.

Perfect anti-reflection coating
The IPS panel has optimal anti-reflection coating. Glare from the spread of the reflected light is minimised. This also protects your eyes from excess strain. In addition, this means the monitor provides a wide viewing angle without annoying reflections. This is particularly advantageous when several people are sitting in front of the screen.

Suitable for softproofing
The EIZO  CG319X fulfills strict softproof requirements based on the draft ISO/CD 12646 standard. Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. came to that conclusion in the course of testing the monitor. The CG319X was therefore awarded the Fogra "FograCert Softproof Monitor" seal of quality. You will therefore be working on a tested, colour-proof monitor.

Protection against glare thanks to the monitor hood
The monitor hood reduces reflection and brightness on the screen and helps protect your eyes. It is easy to attach and reduces the amount of light that hits the screen from above and from the sides.

Five-year warranty
In addition to the high demands placed on production and materials, EIZO also places the emphasis on quality assurance in all areas.

Colour and brightness warranty
The monitor has a colour and brightness warranty from the purchase date for a maximum of 10,000 hours of operation at a maximum brightness of 120cd/sq m and a colour temperature of between 5,000 and 6,500 K.

Technical data
* DCI 4K with 4096 x 2160 pixels (149 ppi), four-times Full HD resolution
* Wide gamut LCD, versatile gamut covering 98% of the DCI P3 and 99% of the AdobeRGB colour gamut
* Integrated sensor and fully automatic self-calibration
* 3D look-up-table (LUT) for precise hardware calibration of brightness, white balance and gamma
* 10-bit display (over a billion colours simultaneously) based on a 24-bit look-up-table for precise colours
* Digital Uniformity Equaliser for perfect luminance distribution and colour purity
* Temperature-controlled adjustment of colour drift and brightness
* Two 1.2 DisplayPorts and two HDMI ports (4K DCI with 60 Hz)
* ColorNavigator calibration software and light protection shields included in delivery

CG319X more
Item no. CG319X
Case colours Black
Solutions Photography, design & media
Product line ColorEdge
EAN 4995047053088
Screen size [in inches] 31.10
Screen size [in cm] 79.00
Format 17:9
Viewable image size (width x height) 698 x 368
Ideal and recommended resolution 4096 x 2160 (4K)
Pixel Pitch Horizontal [mm] 0.17 x 0.17
Pixel density [ppi] 149
Resolution Supported 4096 x 2160 (4K), 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD), 2560 x 1600, 2560 x 1440, 1920 x 1200, 1600 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 720 x 400, 640 x 480, 1080p (@ 60 Hz), 1080i (@ 60 Hz), 576p (@ 60 Hz), 480i (@ 60 Hz), 720p (@ 60 Hz), 1080p (@ 50 Hz), 1080i (@ 50 Hz), 720p (@ 50 Hz), 576p (@ 50 Hz), 1080p (@ 30/25/24 Hz), 2560 x 1440 (@ 30 Hz)
Panel technology IPS (Wide Gamut)
Max. viewing angle horizontal 178 °
Max. viewing angle vertical 178 °
Number of colours or greyscale 1.07 billion colours (display port, 10 Bit), 1.07 billion colours (HDMI, 10 Bit), 16.7 million colours (display port, 8 Bit), 16.7 million colours (HDMI, 8 Bit), 16.7 million colours (DVI, 8 Bit)
Max. colour space AdobeRGB (>99%), DCI P3 (>98%), sRGB (100%), ISO Coated V2 (99%), Rec709 (100 %), EBU (100 %), SMPTE-C (100 %)
Max. brightness (typical) [in cd/m²] 350
Recommended brightness [in cd/m²] 120
Max. dark room contrast (typical) 1500:1
Typical response time [grey/grey alternation] 9 ms
Typical response time [black/white/black alternation] 11ms / 9ms
Max. refresh rate [in hertz] 60
Backlight LED
Hardware calibration of brightness, white point, and gamma correction
Integrated sensor for self-calibration
Scheduler function for self-calibration
Colour palette / look-up table More than 278 trillion colour tones / 24 Bit 3D-LUT
Temperature colour drift correction
Digital Uniformity Equaliser
True Black
3D LUT film emulation (10 bit log)
Safe Area Marker (HDMI)
I/P conversion (HDMI)
Signal range amplifier (HDMI)
Noise suppression (HDMI)
RBG and CMYK colour space emulation
HDCP Decoder
Gamut Clipping
Preset colour/greyscale modes Rec. 2020, Rec. 709, DCI, PQ DCI, PQ REC2100, HLG REC2100, Adobe RGB, sRGB, 2x free modes for user selection
OSD language de, en, fr, es, it, se, ja, zh
Adjustment options Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Colour saturation, Colour temperature, Gammut clipping, REC709 gamut warning, Brightness warning, Zoom, Markers (safe area marker, safe area size, format marker, format adjustment, bezel colour), Colour tone, Signal input, Resolution, OSD language, Interpolation, DUE priority
Button Guide
Signal inputs 2x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI
Video Signal DisplayPort, HDMI (YUV und RGB)
Input Signal Identification
USB hub 1 Up-/ 3 Down-Stream, Rev. 3.0
Power consumption (typical) [in watt] 52.00
Maximum Power Consumption [in watt] 140
Power Save Mode [in watt] 1.20
Power Consumption Off [in watt] 0.00
Energy-efficiency class C
Annual Energy Consumption [in kWh] 80.00
Power Supply AC 100-120 V / 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Management VESA DPMS, DisplayPort Version 1.2
Integrated power unit
Dimensions [mm] 735 x 434 - 588 x 290
Weight [in kilograms] 12.40
Swivel (right/left) 172 °
Incline forward/backward 5° / 35°
Height Adjustment Range [mm] 154
Hole Spacing VESA standard 100 x 100 mm
Terms *) The duration of the warranty for the LCD panel is five years from the date of purchase or a monitor usage time of 30000 hours, whichever occurs first. EIZO guarantees a brightness of 120 cd/m² and a white balance of 5000 K to 6500 K for a monitor usage time of 10000 hours from the date of purchase.
**) Zero pixel error guarantee for completely lit sub-pixels (partial pixels ISO 9241-307). Valid: six months from the purchase date.
Certification CE, TÜV/GS, TÜV/Ergonomics, cTÜVus, FCC-B, ICES-003-B (CAN), VCCI-B, TÜV/Colour Accuracy (Quick Stability), RCM, RoHS, WEEE, CUDO-Zertifizierung, China RoHS, CCC, ISO 9241-307 Pixelfehlerklasse 1**
Accompanying software and other
accessories are available for
download or on a CD ColorNavigator, ColorNavigator NX (as a download), ColorNavigator Network (upon request), ICC colour profile
Additional Supply Network cable, Signal cable HDMI - HDMI, Signal cable Mini DisplayPort - DisplayPort, Signal cable DisplayPort - DisplayPort, USB 3.0 cable, Quick guide, Light protection cover
Accessory EIZO ScreenCleaner (for the best possible clean without scratching the monitor)
Warranty and service 5 years*Eizo ColorEdge CG319

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